Spa & Massages

Discover all the Spa Treatments available

Thermal treatments

  • Medical examination for treatment acceptance


  • Mud with thermal bath


  • Mud with thermal shower


  • Partial mud (hands or feet only)


  • Thermal bath


  • Ozone supplement


  • Inhalation


  • Aerosol


  • Nasal shower


Physiotherapy treatments

  • Back Treatment 30 min.


    Effective against back, lumbar, cervical pain, sciatica, muscle tension, crushed vertebrae, fatigue.

  • Manual treatment


    Used for the reduction of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system.

  • Connective tissue treatment


    Eliminates muscle tension by oxygenating and restoring vitality to hypotonic tissues and muscles, improving blood and lymph circulation.

  • Osteopathic treatment


    Through the use of the hands, one acts on the various systems with the aim of supporting the homeostatic principles of the body and its natural balance.

  • Craniosacral treatment


    The cranio-sacral techniques are aimed at releasing the intrinsic, spontaneous and involuntary mobility of the bones which from the skull spreads throughout the body through the membranes in which the cerebrospinal fluid circulates with a very light rhythm and movement.

  • Visceral treatment


    Often the relationship between viscera and body is deeper than you think. The visceral treatment is therefore effective, among other things, for lumbago, neck pain, pubalgia and respiratory dysfunction.

  • Pediatric osteopathy


    The fabrics have their own memory and everything remains imprinted. This is why osteopathy in children is important, because it prevents dysfunctions from structuring.

  • Kinesio taping


Massage therapy

  • Face + décolleté massage 15 min.


  • Facial lymphatic drainage 15 min.


  • Partial decontracting massage 20 min.


  • Total decontracting massage 30 min.


  • Total decontracting massage 45 min.


  • Partial lymphatic drainage 25 min.


  • Total lymphatic drainage 40 min.


  • Foot reflexology 25 min.


  • Firming massage 30 min.


  • Anti-stress massage 40 min.


  • "Perfumes of Ischia" massage 50 min.


    With citrus fruits and warm shells.

  • Hot stone 40 min.


    With hot stones.

  • Luxurious aroma 30 min.


    100% manual relaxing massage with exclusive yonka techniques.

  • Sculpting aroma 30 min.


    Toning modeling massage with bamboo on the legs.

  • Aroma relaxation 30 min.


    Relaxing massage with decontracting techniques and hot stones on the back.

  • Energy aroma 30 min.


    Rebalancing massage with energizing acupressure techniques on hands and feet.

  • Water Analysis

    Water Analysis

    Pharmacological and clinical report on the Terme di Ischia San Valentino Hotel thermal-mineral water

  • Emotion Treatments

    Emotion Treatments

    Where the ancient Oriental knowledge meets the thermal water of Ischia