Emotion Treatments

Where the ancient Oriental knowledge meets the thermal water of Ischia


  • 60 mins. with hydromassage, massage, chromotherapy


    Effective treatment to give tone, elasticity and hydration to the skin tissue. Wine therapy increases the resistance of blood vessels and improves microcirculation by slowing down the deterioration of hyaluronic and glycolic acid, preserving collagen and elastin, keeping the skin soft.


  • 60 mins. with hydromassage, mask, massage


    Chocolate is good for mood thanks to serotonin, also known as the good mood hormone. The aroma of chocolate can also be considered a powerful anti-stress ingredient. The treatment begins with a relaxing hydromassage, continues with a sweet chocolate mask and steam bath, and ends with a vigorous massage.

Almond & Honey

  • 60 mins. with hydromassage, massage, chromotherapy


    For this special treatment, an exclusive blend of Chestnut Acacia Honey, royal jelly (a natural concentrate of sugars, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and amino acids with high biological value) together with sweet almond oil and vegetable extracts is used. A precious synergy of extraordinarily effective active ingredients to restore firmness and elasticity to the tissues.


  • 60 mins. with hydromassage, massage, chromotherapy


    When applied to the skin, coffee, thanks to the properties of caffeine, helps reduce the number of fat cells under the skin and increase blood flow by helping to expel excess toxins. Improving the appearance of orange peel skin.

Stress reliever

  • 60 minutes not only of pampering


    Not only sweet pampering, but a real regenerating therapy thanks to the active ingredients of honey and natural essences that smooth and nourish the skin. The hydromassage and total-body nebulisation are used to improve the absorption of the nourishing substances of the treatment; the anti-stress massage and the flow of shirodhara essences complete it.


  • 60 mins. with whirlpool, steam bath, mud massage


    The treatment combines the natural benefits of thermal mud with therapeutic massage techniques, ideal for those suffering from osteoarthritis, arthritis, neck pain, back pain and lumbar pain. Furthermore, hydro-mud therapy is also indicated to reactivate joint mobilisation.


  • 60 mins. with steam bath, total body scrub, aromatic massage


    Aromatherapy combined with steam is the art of treating your body with aromatic essential oils, whose essences have beneficial and relaxing effects on the nervous system and are able to soothe stress and tiredness.

Anti-cellulite mud

  • 75 minutes


    By exploiting the natural benefits of the thermal mud of the island of Ischia, it is possible to counteract the annoying skin blemishes caused by cellulite. The combination of steam and heat promotes deep cleansing of the skin and gives the skin a tonic and luminous appearance. Green clay, marine algae, centella asiatica, horse chestnut, ivy and the essential oils that make up the anti-cellulite treatment perform a protective and draining vessel action.

  • Water Analysis

    Water Analysis

    Pharmacological and clinical report on the Terme di Ischia San Valentino Hotel thermal-mineral water