Water Analysis

Pharmacological and clinical report on the Terme di Ischia San Valentino Hotel thermal-mineral water

The water that flows from the Terme San Valentino Hotel spring can be classified as a salt-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy mineral water. The spring temperature is 42°C which also makes it hyper thermal. The Terme San Valentino Hotel thermal water has mineral properties in common with other springs on the isle of ischia (especially those in LaccoAmeno).

The hyper thermal nature of these waters is of significant interest in bath, shower and mud based treatments.

The naturally high temperature of the spring allows for the direct use of the waters without the loss of their chemical-physical properties and their therapeutic qualities: just like when they are artificially preheated and manipulated. There are also always a certain number of "Thermophile" micro-organisms in these waters, the therapeutic qualities of which have not yet been properly brought to light.

The pharmacological and clinical action of this water is complex and varied and it also explains the wide area of therapeutic indications. This action, different each time depending on the crenotherapeutic method used (baths, total and partial showers, inhalation, etc.) can be summed up as follows:

  1. In general medicine: osteoporosis, neuro arthritic diathesis, rheumatoid arthritis, cellulitis, disease of the peripheral nervous system and the neurovegetative system, some allergies, metabolic diseases, endocrine dysfunctions, premature ageing;
  2. In orthopaedics: results of fractures, motor activity rehabilitation;
  3. In dermatology: chronic scarring, some forms of deafness.

The fundamental crenotherapeutic properties of the salt-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy waters are found in a balancing action that stimulates the organism and organ????s normal recovery function, exercising a significant metabolic stimulus that can resolve various deep inflammatory processes, as well as a local antiphlogistic action on the mucous membranes that come into contact with the thermal water.

Mild thermal treatments implemented in early old age with bathing at 37°C for 10 minutes. This way the prophylaxis of often silent diseases of senility are exercised where, as is well known, complicated and fatal metabolic alterations are established such as fat metabolism: the crenotherapeutic action rebalances the metabolic dysfunction.

Although there are no specific counter indications for thermal treatment with these waters, there are, however, general counter indications for any thermal treatment which a specialised physician will be able to assess appropriately on a case by case basis.